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With a prime location, diverse utility system, smart design, etc. Hoang Huy Commerce is currently one of the projects in Le Chan district that many people are interested in. So what is the difference between this project and many high-end apartments in Hai Phong? Let's review more about the following 4 advantages.

1. The location near the three most favorable points - Prosperity and Wealth

Hoang Huy Commerce is a potential Le Chan district project located on Vo Nguyen Giap street of Ho Sen - Cau Rao 2 important traffic axis, 100m from Le Chan Aeon Mall and has a direct view of Lach Tray River.

Combining the advantages of two modern urban roads and a continuous internal traffic network, ingenious architectural and landscape space, the project not only ensures convenient traffic, but also brings comfort and comfort. From the luxury apartment building in Le Chan Hoang Huy Commerce district, residents can quickly connect directly to the main street system such as:

- Nguyen Van Linh passes through 4 districts of the city: Hong Bang - An Duong - Le Chan - Ngo Quyen - Hai An connecting National Highway 5 to Dinh Vu Port.

- Ho Sen - Cau Rao 2 radial roads, helping to reduce traffic pressure for Lach Tray - Cau Rao 1 route and shorten the travel time to the city center.

- World Bank: Connecting from National Highway 10 to Dinh Vu port through 4 districts 1 district: An Duong - Kien An - Le Chan - Ngo Quyen - Hai An.

- 353 Provincial road (Pham Van Dong): Through Cau Rao 2, it can connect to Hanoi - Hai Phong highway or go to Do Son tourist area easily. 


The golden location of Hoang Huy Commerce project

2. 5-star utility system

Le Chan Hoang Huy Commerce district project owns a high-class 3-storey utility system fully meeting all living needs such as:

- The first tropical oasis in the air in Hai Phong: this is the highlight that makes Hoang Huy Commerce different among existing high-end projects in Hai Phong. With a unique infinity pool combined with artificial sand, pool bar and ideal green space, Hoang Huy Commerce gives you the feeling of being on vacation at a tropical resort right in the heart of the crowed city, it brings residents a sense of peace, refreshing moments when swim into the cool blue water and watching the city from above.

- Crowed commercial center: more than 150 stalls and diverse entertainment services provide an enjoyable shopping experience for residents and guests.

- Kindergarten and children's playground: With the desire to create a perfect environment for children to develop comprehensively, the kindergarten area and children's play area at Hoang Huy Commerce are focused on investment; especially an outdoor play space exclusively for children is arranged near the infinity pool for children to freely play with nature.

- Modern shophouse: it’s located on the 1st floor, 2nd floor of the building, located in front of Thien Loi street, convenient for business or office rental.


Hoang Huy Commerce is ready to welcome the future owner on a journey of living in harmony with nature and full of excitement.

Hoang Huy Commerce not only owns is a high-class apartment building in Hai Phong with a rich system of internal utilities, but also a special advantage when it inherits many benefits from modern and world-class infrastructure. Surrounding areas such as Aeon Mall Hypermarket, Institute of Marine Medicine, Hotel 5, Hanoi - Ha Long Expressway, People's Market, Schools at all levels.

3. Prestigious Hoang Huy Group investor

The name of Hoang Huy Group has been confirmed in the Hai Phong real estate market through the success of project series in the port city, which can be followed as:

- Pruksa Town: it’s a crowded and bustling residential area near the city and all apartments are in use, with a moderate cost, full facilities that bring a prosperous life for residents here.

- Hoang Huy Riverside: it’s a place with modern Western beauty, convenient to work, go to school, do business and shop, but still retain the serenity of a poetic Tam Bac riverside town: with one step you can come into the street – peaceful life.

- Hoang Huy Mall: located in the land fund inside the Hoang Huy Commerce project, located in the area selected as the key development direction of the city, convenient location for trade and connection with nearby areas.

- Hoang Huy Grand Tower: the project brings with it the breath of modern life, bringing the experience of prosperity, excitement and class.

Each project is implemented carefully by Hoang Huy Group to every detail to ensure synchronous planning, beautiful architecture, diverse utilities, and international standard services but still meet strict requirements in terms of quality. Always putting the motto of sustainable development on the top, Hoang Huy Group constantly strives to create dynamic and classy living spaces, bringing a new wind to modern life.

4. It’s rated as a good price

The most important issue that makes many people hesitate when deciding to buy apartments in Le Chan district or apartments in Hai Phong is always whether the cost is really meet the expected benefits?

It can’t deny that Hoang Huy Commerce's unique "three-flowered" architecture brings landscape value, good view and convenience to settle down and at the same time brings great profits to future investors. In addition, the project has a large scale, so it has great potential for shopping and business and the demand for consumption is very large, the later the project becomes more and more profitable.


Unique petal-shaped architecture of Hoang Huy Commerce project

Comparing  to existing projects in the area, Hoang Huy Commerce is one of the few high-end apartments in Hai Phong that is carefully invested, the opening price offered will be extremely competitive when putting the project on the scale between economic inputs and output benefits in reality.

To learn more about the Hoang Huy Commerce luxury apartment project in Le Chan district, please contact hotline 0966.93.6666 or 0966.94.8888.

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