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Today, May 11, the groundbreaking ceremony of Hoang Huy Commerce project is officially taken place in Kenh Duong and Vinh Niem wards, Le Chan district, Hai Phong city. It is expected that Hoang Huy Commerce will become the first smart building of Hai Phong, bringing a comfortable and classy living space for people in the area.

Dự án được mệnh danh là “tòa nhà thông minh” đầu tiên của Hải Phòng chính thức khởi công ảnh 1

Chairman of National Assembly Vuong Dinh Hue and leaders of central and city press the button to commence the project 

Speaking at the groundbreaking ceremony, Mr. Do Huu Hau - Member of the Board of Directors of Hoang Huy Group said, Hoang Huy Commerce Project is deployed to build and develop commercial housing in a synchronous direction with many amenities. Class benefits bring a "green" life to the residents of the Port. In addition, Hoang Huy Commerce is also equipped with a smart building control system applying modern 4.0 technology to control security and absolute safety, promising to be the perfect experience of a "desired destination” for future residents.

Dự án được mệnh danh là “tòa nhà thông minh” đầu tiên của Hải Phòng chính thức khởi công ảnh 2

Mr. Do Huu Hau - Member of the Board of Directors of Hoang Huy Group spoke at the Groundbreaking Ceremony

With the business philosophy of "Non-stop creation to improve the life quality ", Hoang Huy Group will apply many new technologies to the management and operation of Hoang Huy Commerce projects such as:

Building Management System (BMS) allows control and management of all technical systems in the building synchronously in real time such as electricity system, domestic water system, air conditioning, ventilation, environmental warning, security, fire alarm – firefighting, etc. to ensure the operation of equipment in the building is accurate, timely, efficient, saving energy and operating costs.

Face Recognition Access Control System uses Face ID Biometric facial recognition combined with a versatile smart card (integrates many utilities on a single smart card) and Smart gate system to prevent strangers from enter the apartment area and integrated with the security camera and Video door-phone to form a multi-layer security system that helps the owner and the Management Board to directly monitor in & out persons.

Video door-phone connects to the building's control system to help residents feel secure and enjoy life comfortably.

The intelligent parking system guides parking automatically, easily finds the location and checks the vehicle image, allows the recognition of license plates to help control the vehicle, and optimizes parking management.

Smart door locks using fingerprints or smart cards not only bring convenience and high safety but also enhance the class of the apartment.

Hoang Huy's representative also committed to prioritize the maximum concentration of all resources to implement and complete the project on schedule by the end of 2023, ensuring quality, worthy of the expectations of the leaders and people of the city.

On the city side, Mr. Nguyen Van Tung, Deputy Secretary of the City Party Committee, Chairman of the Hai Phong City People's Committee shared: “I believe that with a lot of experience in the field of construction investment real estate projects, Hoang Huy Group will complete the project on schedule and ensure quality, so that Hoang Huy Commerce project is one of the architectural highlights, contributing to building the modern and civilized image of Hai Phong city. 

Dự án được mệnh danh là “tòa nhà thông minh” đầu tiên của Hải Phòng chính thức khởi công ảnh 3

The event was attended by many central and city leaders

It is known that the scale of Hoang Huy Commerce includes 04 towers combining apartments and commerce - services and synchronous technical infrastructure outside the house with a total investment of nearly 5,000 billion VND, there are total  3,472 apartments after completing the project.

The project that will be implemented before phase 1 is a mixed building consisting of 03 common towers with 36 floors and 03 basements. Including 03 commercial and service floors, 1 refuge floor and 32 apartment floors with a total of 2,496 luxury apartments. Total area of ​​commercial and service floor is more than 25,000m2 with a system of diverse shopping - entertainment - playground facilities: Infinity pool, artificial sand beach, Pool bar, Shopping mall, multi-layer security system, indoor and outdoor children's playground and many other facilities.

Dự án được mệnh danh là “tòa nhà thông minh” đầu tiên của Hải Phòng chính thức khởi công ảnh 4

With utilities and advanced technologies applied to the project, Hoang Huy Commerce deserves to become a pioneering project to create a new level for the high-end apartment real estate market in Hai Phong.

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