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The market for buying and selling apartments in Hai Phong has recently become more exciting with the presence of Hoang Huy Commerce project. In addition to the strength points from the location, size, reputable investor, full legality, the internal utilities of Hoang Huy Commerce project are also extremely outstanding, worthy of the most livable space among apartments in Le Chan district today.

Quality assurance, diversity and class are the features that belong Kidzone facilities, swimming pools, shopping malls, multi-purpose areas at Hoang Huy Commerce project. Residents here just stay at home can enjoy and experience a desirable life thanks to these facilities.

Let's make a list of the high-class internal utility system at Hoang Huy Commerce project to understand why this Le Chan district apartment is so easy to conquer both strict investors and customers!

Colorful Kidzone world

Kidzone at Hoang Huy Commerce is a colorful world for children to explore and learn

Kid Zone is an area dedicated to resident’s children in the apartment, including indoor and outdoor children's playground (near the swimming pool) that are extremely focused by the investor. A large playground with many useful games creates favorable conditions for children to explore and learn the magical world around them.

The kindergarten area on the 2nd and 3rd floors of the project ensures standards in both function and area, ensuring a safe environment for children and convenient for parents. Becoming a resident here, parents can rest assured when entrusting their children.

In addition, with a location close to schools at all levels, when buying an apartment in Hai Phong Hoang Huy Commerce, residents' children will have a really quality experience, learn and play conveniently without spending a lot of money without going very far.

5-star infinity pool

One of the most outstanding internal facilities of the Le Chan Hoang Huy Commerce district project is the swimming pool system including an infinity pool and a modern glass roof four-season swimming pool.

Hoang Huy Commerce project is good suggestion when buying and selling Hai Phong apartments

The outdoor infinity pool is located at the intersection at the 3rd floor of the towers with an ideal view of the whole city, surrounded by a modern design that creates a sense of class right in the heart of the project.

In addition, Hoang Huy Commerce's tropical oasis in the air promises to create a trendy residential community. At that place, residents can freely enjoy relaxing moments at the high-rise resort with a view of the whole city or relax in the green nature and enjoy attractive cocktails, watch the children. Children enjoy building sand castles or diving into the cool water.

In addition, the apartments of Hoang Huy Commerce project are also equipped with a standard and modern indoor four-season swimming pool system for residents to relax and take care of their health all year round.

Imposing shopping mall

Shopping mall at Hoang Huy Commerce project

Right at the foot of the apartment building, on the 1st and 2nd floors is a shopping mall with full of famous brands with a variety of products. Serving essential shopping and entertainment needs, providing a high-class experience, satisfying and satisfying the needs of resident’s life.

Not only bringing entertainment and entertainment facilities, Hoang Huy Commerce project is also extremely interested in health care and sports training. With a Gym room equipped with extremely current machines, and a series of high-class Spas, it promises to comprehensively meet the health and beauty care needs of residents.

A worth living destination with the experience of green living, immersing in nature 

In addition to the modern utility system, the Hoang Huy Commerce project also pays great attention to the green living experience for residents. The spacious, large and full of green garden design not only brings harmony in the living space, but also brings a fresh and cool atmosphere, helping residents relax after stress working hours. This is also a reason why the project is particularly interested by Hoang Huy Hai Phong apartment buyers and sellers.

Combining the advantage of location with smart design, public infrastructure and rich internal utilities, Hoang Huy Commerce project deserves to be a space that harmoniously gathers the most outstanding advantages to meet all standard of modern life as well as the needs of a worthy life of the upper class for owners who choose to buy apartments in Le Chan district.

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