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Starting from the desire to create classy green buildings and a luxurious lifestyle in the nature, Hoang Huy Group officially launched the Hoang Huy Commerce project in Le Chan district, Hai Phong.

Referring to Hoang Huy Commerce, one can immediately think of impressive and emotional green areas, bringing positive and comprehensive energy, enhancing the resort experience of resident right in the beloved home.

It’s located in an ideal green space, fresh, spacious, but no less modern and fresh, where the heart of the Ho Sen - Cau Rao 2 road is accreted by Lach Tray river. With four peaceful seasons, Hoang Huy Commerce forms a completely different green landscape axis and is becoming the focus of investment attraction, the first choice of residence of customers in Hai Phong as well as neighboring provinces. 

Living green - living healthy - living beautiful.

It’s inspired by blooming petals, full of colors, brilliantly illuminating the whole heaven and earth, Hoang Huy Commerce awakens all senses and is strongly impressed by the green space with “unique air oasis" in Hai Phong. The green areas of the campus, the vegetation is cleverly interwoven with the infinity pool, artificial sand beach, outdoor children's play area, gardens, miniatures, BBQ area, long jogging track. All create the taste of pure life and package peace. The essence of Hoang Huy Commerce is for the development of green areas with comprehensive facilities towards the experience of " a resort standard in the heart of the city".

In a "living green, living healthy" environment with green nature, residents also enjoy spaces and utilities that encourage exercise to improve health, increase resistance to "living beautifully" every day. At Hoang Huy Commerce is equipped with a series of sports facilities to help residents comfortably play their favorite sports such as gym, yoga, jogging.

The two factors that investors are most interested in and want to connect with are "Humans" and "Nature". Here, future residents will enjoy the fresh air, feel the peace of mind mixed in a cup of coffee while looking out over the city, or comfortably eat at the BBQ to connect family etc. All the fun and meaningful moments together not only help people become more optimistic and love life, but it's also a way to restore energy after a tiring working day. Coming to Hoang Huy Commerce, so that every passing moment is truly complete and worth living.

Trải nghiệm sống xanh giữa lòng thành phố cảng - Ảnh 1.

Every day of you and your relatives at Hoang Huy Commerce will be a peaceful experience, but no less new and interesting.

In addition, residents will also enjoy the advantages of experiencing more than 50 high-class facilities serving diverse needs from education and culture to food, entertainment, shopping.

Investment on the children's development

According to many scientific research results, people in childhood who are close to nature will have many benefits in adulthood. The fact that children reduce time in the virtual world of phones and tablets, experience more with nature helps reduce the risk of obesity and a number of other diseases. Nature is a good teacher for children to practice life skills, help children free their souls, nurture creativity and increase cognitive ability. Becoming a resident of Hoang Huy Commerce, your whole family can experience green and fresh nature every day.

Trải nghiệm sống xanh giữa lòng thành phố cảng - Ảnh 2.

Contacting with green space is correlated with changes in the child's developing brain structure, helping children develop physically and mentally in the most comprehensive way.

Hoang Huy Commerce - Spreading the green living experience

In the past, many buyers were often only interested in basic factors such as location, utilities, price or construction quality, now green standards have become the most important factor creating value and competitiveness for real estate projects. Created by all love and enthusiasm, Hoang Huy Commerce, fully meets the standards of building a green, healthy, beautiful life. Through this project, Hoang Huy Group investor wishes to spread positive and comprehensive green energy to the resident community of the Port city.

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